End Food Waste In Your Community

Across the United States, food waste is a growing problem, with 31 percent of perfectly good food being disposed of every day, while millions of people suffer from food insecurity. The David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership recognizes that food waste is prevalent across Pittsburgh, including on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. For this reason, the Berg Center has developed a special initiative to focus on how businesses can work proactively to solve this problem and how corporate social responsibility can drive social innovation.

The ultimate purpose is to develop the foundation for community-focused solutions. The Berg Center, in partnership with Steady State Media, has developed the social documentary film “Rescuing Abundance” to be used in college classrooms to educate students and faculty on the significance of corporate social responsibility regarding food recovery. The film is the start of a broader food sustainability-based curriculum to be developed the Berg Center. To view the documentary and gain access to the materials, contact us.


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