About the Berg Center
The David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership was established in 1999 as part of the Katz Graduate School of Business and College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. Our mission is to add value to organizations through ethical leadership. To accomplish this, we focus on creating and utilizing knowledge through cutting-edge research, experience-based teaching, and active community engagement. You can learn more about the Berg Center here: https://www.business.pitt.edu/berg.


Our Mission

The mission of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership is to add value to organizations through ethical leadership. We explore the interface between ethics and leadership, emphasizing the interdependence between these two important concepts. It supports the idea that both leadership and ethics are necessary for both individual and organizational effectiveness.

​To accomplish this, the center focuses on three key activity groups:

Education: The center will support education and academic programs that help individuals understand and integrate ethical principles into their leadership performance. The center aims to achieve this by creating and executing innovative programs in leadership development and ethics across all career stages.

Impact: The center will engage in a range of activities that are built on strong collaborations with organizations locally and globally. This includes a broad portfolio of programs and activities such as seminars, case competitions, and the public dissemination of center-sponsored scholarship.

Research: To create new knowledge, the center will support groundbreaking research that contributes to the integration of theory and best practice on leadership and ethics in organizations.

About Audrey Murrell

Audrey MurrellAudrey Murrell is the associate dean of the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration and the director of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership. Organizational leadership is a broad field, but her philosophy is simple. She focuses on helping organizations develop their most important asset: their people. Cultivating the leadership capacity of employees enhances total organizational performance, drives innovation and creates competitive advantage. Her academic research and professional consulting for Fortune 500 companies has encompassed mentorship and sponsorship, business ethics and social responsibility, strengths-based leadership and issues related to gender and diversity. At the Berg Center, she oversees a portfolio of service-learning programs for our undergraduate and graduate schools that since 2004 have contributed more than 16,000 hours to community clients.

More from the Berg Center

Through its focus on research, education, and impact, the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership has developed a number of projects and initiatives related to the food economy. The Berg Center specializes in food sustainability and food security as forms of social responsibility, business ethics, and community engagement.

Food Abundance Index ®

The Berg Center created the Food Abundance Index ® (FAI) as a practical instrument to measure food security within a city neighborhood or other geographic area. Using its proprietary metrics, the FAI Index can determine whether an area has access to healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food. Areas that lack access to food are known as “food deserts.”  

The Berg Center has created a user toolkit for implementing the FAI and has hosted training workshops. For more information on how to use the FAI in your community, please contact the Berg Center.

Stone Soup Network

The Berg Center is a founding member of the Stone Soup Network in Pittsburgh. The Stone Soup Network is a collaboration between members of the business, nonprofit, government, and academic community that have a shared interest in enhancing food security and food sustainability in Western Pennsylvania. Founded on the values of sharing and community engagement, the Stone Soup Network holds regular meetings and networking sessions for members.

Food Systems Executive in Residence

The Berg Center employs an Executive in Residence with expertise in creating sustainable food systems. Mr. Joe Bute, managing partner of Hollymead Capital, specializes in the use of food infrastructure as a tool for community and regional economic development. He has several decades of professional experience in the local food economy, including through his firm’s acquisition of Tomanetti Food Products Inc.

Food Conscious Pittsburgh

The Berg Center is a sponsoring organization of the Food Conscious Pittsburgh chapter, an organization that is devoted to bringing together professionals who have the shared goal of building stronger local food systems. The organization believes in the power of social enterprise to create sustainable, healthier food systems that strengthen the local economy and minimize harmful environmental impacts.

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