Our Mission


Our Purpose

From the beginning, we labeled this project as a social documentary. That meant it was going to be different than other films. Our goal then, as it is now, is to raise awareness and to generate action. We all know that a shameful amount of food is wasted every day in this country. That isn’t news. But do we understand the connection between ending food waste and eradicating hunger in the community? Do we understand the different roles of various stakeholders and agents? Do we realize that this big global problem isn’t actually impossible to solve, that in fact it can be addressed, today, beginning with local solutions?

The blueprint for success is found here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As our film shows, the collective effort of businesses, nonprofits, government, higher education, suppliers, and food growers working together provides the diverse solutions necessary to solve the complexity of food sustainability. Senior managers and directors, college students and volunteers — each person contributes. Following the model set forth in Pittsburgh, we all have a part to play in Rescuing Abundance.


What’s Next?

The release of Rescuing Abundance is just the beginning. The Berg Center plans to develop a curriculum around food sustainability issues to be shared with higher education institutions and partner organizations around the world. Through a series of in-depth case studies drawn from the film, the curriculum will examine issues related to food systems, the food economy, the food supply chain, community-based partnership models, stakeholder management, and broader issues of food as it relates to ethics and social responsibility.

The food sustainability curriculum advances the Berg Center’s long-term commitment to strengthening communities through research, education, and impact. In addition to the film, the Berg Center has created a Food Abundance Index scorecard to identify areas devoid of access to fresh, nutritious, affordable, and culturally relevant food. The Berg Center is also bringing community thought leaders together through the Stone Soup Network for the purpose of creating change. The Berg Center’s initiatives are always progressing, so contact us for updates.


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